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Gallery of Homes

This gallery presents many examples of Iliff Construction's homes in New Mexico. All are custom built with attention to southwest architectural details and features. All tile work, cabinetry, doors and ceiling treatments are samples of local artisan's quality work.

Southwest Style

Mexican Tile Accents

The generous use of Talavera tiles from Mexico and natural saltillo floors are part of the southwest style found in Iliff Construction houses. "Bienvenidos" is Spanish for "Welcome", and this plaque is in the front courtyard, greeting all who enter into this gracious home.

Your Style

Terry encourages her owners to also find their own art, whether in the form of tile, ironwork or even antique lumber. The use of old iron tools, wagon wheels and other western antiques is encouraged and is part of the southwest tradition.

Multiple Elements Uniquely Combined

On this home, a combination of Talavera street number tiles, recycled lumber for the gate and header, an old iron horseshoe and a massive rusty chain combine to make a charming and fascinating entry courtyard.

Many homes in the area have spectacular views from the backyards. These areas are wide open to encompass the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande Valley.

However, in the front, many owners opt for a small, private courtyard. A quiet area to welcome guests, a courtyard harks back to traditional haciendas where flowers and herbs were grown, surrounded by a wall to keep the rabbits away.

Interior Adobe Brick

Custom Tile Work

Custom mosaics can be incorporated into interior and exterior walls, in addition to floors. Adding a unique touch to you home, Terry can design a mosaic to your specifications, or try your hand at it yourself. Expert stucco and drywall contractors will transfer the work, ensuring durability and lasting beauty.

Interior walls of real adobe bricks are also a hallmark of Iliff Construction. Here, bricks have been plastered and painted smooth, adding texture and interest to interior spaces.

Elegant Upgrades

Custom copper sheathing covers the exterior vigas on this home.

Many of the newer southwest homes have elegant upgrades such as these.

Also covering the canale, this new copper will take on a soft green patina as it wears.

This is a good example of how Terry Iliff works with unusual and special requests from her owners.

Glass Blocks

Glass blocks, while a modern invention, find their way into many southwest homes. Placed neatly into exterior stucco, or used in bathrooms to divide watery spaces from dry, glass blocks are versatile and practical in the southwest climate.

This example shows several rows of blocks which allows light into the interior. Often, only one or two blocks are used to lighten a dark area of the home or garage without all the fuss of windows or skylights.

Many kinds of blocks are available, from clear to faceted to frosted, depending upon the privacy and lighting needs. Surprisingly economical, glass blocks are practical and beautiful, and are part of many custom homes in the southwest.

Rustic Hardware

Finding the right hardware for custom doors and gates is part of the fun of building your own home.

Local artisans in the area and the incredible selection on the Internet provide owners with unlimited possibilities.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can define the mood of a whole room.

The traditional wooden vigas and latillas used in southwest styles require expert design and placement.

Elegant hanging fixtures or minimalist recessed lighting?

Iliff Construction can help you create the atmosphere you want for your home.

Window Seats

Window seats serve several purposes in Iliff Construction homes.

Inside, they provide seating space and storage. On the outside, the relief adds to the adobe/southwest look with interesting angles and landscaping interest.

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